I am fortunate enough to have been recognized by a number of elite professional memberships including: BNI Lands End, Noticed (formerly Expert Network), Continental Who’s Who, Lawyers of Distinction, American Academy of Attorneys, and American Institute of Legal Advocates.
Learn more about these exclusive associations below.

In May of 2018, I applied and was approved for BNI Land’s End membership. BNI is the world’s leading business networking and referral organization. Learn more about BNI here.

Also in May of 2018, I was independently nominated and approved for membership with Lawyers of Distinction.

Lawyers of Distinction members are selected based upon a review and vetting process from its Selection Committee. Nomination does not guarantee membership. All prospective Members are subject to final review after submitting their application before confirmation of Membership. Lawyers do not pay for this nomination. Potential candidates who meet the criteria of the screening process have demonstrated a high degree of peer recognition and professional competence. Lawyers of Distinction uses its own independent criterial, including both objective and subjective factors in determining if an attorney can be recognized as a Lawyer of Distinction in the United States in their respective field. Lawyers of Distinction does not confirm membership to more than 10% of attorneys in any given state.

The American Academy of Attorneys is an invitation-only, national organization of elite attorneys actively practicing law. The American Academy of Attorneys is dedicated to the promotion of excellence in the field of law and recognizing those top-tier attorneys who exemplify excellence. Less than 1% of all attorneys will be nominated to be a member of this organization. The membership is comprised of attorneys with exceptional credentials and a dedication to provide justice to their clients.

Expert Network McCall Baugh Distinguished Lawyer

In February 2018, I had the esteemed pleasure of being selected as an industry leading professional by Noticed (formerly The Expert Network). Professionals selected by Noticed via an invitation-only basis “demonstrate superior influence, leadership, reputation, and knowledge.” Noticed selects its members through “feedback of customers, clients, peers and includes, among other factors, careful scrutiny of education, training, certifications, professional achievements, and disciplinary history.” Passion and dedication to the industry is a must as well. Membership is a lifetime appointment.

Noticed’s Distinguished© designation is conferred upon doctors, lawyers, dentists, wealth managers and other professionals who have contributed meaningfully to their field and can demonstrate a distinct perspective on the future of their profession.

McCall Baugh American Institute of Legal Advocates Rising Star Personal Injury

In January 2018, I was recognized as a Rising Star in the field of Personal Injury by the American Institute of Legal Advocates. This organization is an impartial third party attorney rating organization that is comprised of 13 various Practice Area Divisions. The AILC looks for attorneys that have not only achieved unparalleled success but most importantly have done so for the benefit of their client. Very few attorneys can do so and the organization recognizes this significant achievement. The American Institute of Legal Advocates rating system helps clients throughout the United States make educated decisions when it comes to choosing their attorney. Membership is an exclusive honor and extended to a select number of attorneys in each given state and practice area division. 

McCall Baugh Continental Who's Who

In February 2018, I was recognized as a Distinguished Professional by Continental Who’s Who, an organization that has become one of the most respected and trusted publishers around the globe.  Continental Who’s Who spotlights thousands of professional individuals and organizations each year who “stand-out” in their specific field.  Included are executives and officials in business, science, education, philanthropy, religion, government, the fourth estate, finance, law, engineering, authors, the musically talented elite as well as numerous additional industries.

A copy of my press release will be uploaded when available in the coming weeks.

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